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Data Centre Security Planning

Data Centre Security Planning

Data Centre Security & Risk Management

At AGG, we can guarantee by using our bespoke physical security and installation services tailored to Data Centre construction and operations, our clients' will NEVER have to run the risk of having to let their customers hear about data centre weaknesses in the media.

Deploying a layered physical security strategy provides the ability to deter, detect, deny, delay and defend at every layer of your data centre, reducing the risk of breach and increasing your peace of mind.

We offer the following:

  • A structured methodology to data centre physical security that helps mitigate risk of breach
  • Practical considerations for a "Defence in Depth" design
  • A flexible, scalable physical security strategy that you can tailor to your specific data centre needs
  • The application of key industry compliance

AGG has identified how the rapid rise of the data centre is leading to an increased risk of theft, sabotage and corporate misconduct. However, many data centre operators focus solely on logical security, ignoring physical security and its potential threats. This type of thinking leads to vulnerabilities in a data centre's security and increases its exposure to unnecessary risk.

Balancing physical security with logical security is the only way to protect a data centre. Ultimately, it's important to analyse the cost vs. risk of data centre security, the importance of physically protecting assets and the value of declaring security budget ownership. Driven by industry regulations, design standards and best practices, physical security in the data centre is as important an investment as the latest firewalls and cyber security protocols.

Whether it’s for business or education, entertainment or shopping, nearly every financial transaction, phone call or text, movie download or Internet search either now takes place or is recorded in a data centre. With nearly everyone’s professional and personal lives dependent upon a healthy ecosystem of data centres, it is only natural that data centres are now targeted by thieves, spies and others maliciously seeking to cause damage or to steal the information contained within a data centre.

Data Breaches are Universal

As data centres have increased in importance, data breaches have become nearly universal. Those breaches have ranged from over 2,000 records to “mega breaches” affecting well over 100,000 records. 

Never before has a data centre breach been more damaging to the future of an organisation. As the risk has risen, a growing array of sophisticated threats continues to emerge designed to penetrate data centre defences. From complex cyber security breaches to more simple physical security breaches that allow sensitive information to be removed from site.

AGG has the experience and understanding to create an effective multifaceted physical security strategy that focuses on implementing a six layered physical security approach.