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3D facial Recognition Camera

3D facial Recognition Camera

AGG is the world leader in human identification technology with the highest accuracy available to date through our revolutionary and proprietary True 3D technology. Our expertise in biometrics, security, government, technology, and retail have enabled us to solve the world’s most difficult identity problem: identifying individuals in motion. AGG has deployments worldwide for the world’s most demanding customers in the harshest environments and in the most highly secured areas

AGG facial recognition technology is the means to solve an identity management problem, we encourage you to contact us. Our development partner has helped ensure AGG remains at the leading edge of 3D facial technology and can solve our customer’s challenges, while also delivering ROI.

AGG has earned its reputation for having the best technology which utilises a state-of-the-art face recognition algorithm and is highly responsive to client needs, while delivering on time and within budget. Whether you’re an OEM Partner, a Solutions Integrator or an End User, we have the facial recognition solutions to meet the challenge.

Today, facial recognition ID rates continue to increase every year, and technology continues to develop now using a 3-D model to maintain high accuracy when accommodating for uncontrolled pose facial angulations.

These developments have helped transition facial recognition from mostly government and law enforcement agencies to more commercial and retail usage.