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Facial Recognition Software

Facial Recognition Software

Biometric authentication technology has become a familiar part of our lives. AGG's face recognition systems authenticate with high accuracy using three key technologies: “Finding data within the face,” “Perceiving facial features,” and “Matching the same person.” In addition, AGG’s system is robust against poor recognition environments. Many face recognition technologies depend on clear face images for their processing. However, AGG’s face recognition system achieves high accuracy even when images are poor and grainy. 

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Our systems can be used for a wide range of applications, from crime prevention to room entry/exit management by ensuring face biometrics are used to identify users from access control lists and verify their identity. Our access control solution facilitates user management at runtime and allows users to be enrolled on-the-fly by video capture. This technology yields excellent performance despite partial occlusions of the face, the use of glasses, scarves or caps, changes of facial expression, and moderate rotations of the face. Moreover, it does not allow users to be impersonated using photographs. AGG biometric technology is the perfect solution to control the access of personnel to restricted security areas.                  Level 1 - (Large corporate / Government)                             Level 2 - (Small - Medium sized organisations)

The human face plays an important role in our social interaction, conveying people’s identity. Using the human face as a key to security, biometric face recognition technology has received significant attention in the past several years due to its potential for a wide variety of applications in both law enforcement and non-law enforcement. As compared with other biometrics systems using fingerprint/palm-print and iris, face recognition has distinct advantages because of its non-contact process. Face images can be captured from a distance without touching the person being identified, and the identification does not require interacting with the person. In addition, face recognition serves the crime deterrent purpose because face images that have been recorded and archived can later help identify a person.

Fast & Accurate Face Recognition

  • Multiple-matching face detection
  • Combination of eye-zone extraction and facial recognition
  • Recognition based on neural network technology
  • Short processing time, high recognition rate
  • Recognition regardless of vantage point and facial changes (glasses, beard, and expression)

Reliable Matching

  • Extraction of similar facial areas
  • Identification and authentication based on individual facial features
  • Easy adaptation to existing IT systems
  • Flexible integration into many types of video monitoring systems
  • 1:n matching
  • Supporting diverse graphic and video formats as well as live cameras
  • Diverse Application Areas

AGG’s biometrics face recognition process has a highly diverse range of applications, extending from crime-fighting, border control, to access control for sensitive areas.

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