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Open Architecture Physical Security Integration

Clients want best of breed technologies for their security, which means not being tied to single source manufacturers and given limited choices.

Integrators and consultants therefore have a crucial choice to make when designing a project : centralise the control room systems to a VMS or equipment brand which may offer some integration options, or deploy a truly open architecture PSIM system that can integrate with most system manufacturers and protocols, but also guarantee openness and future proofing.

Our PSIM system also offers a whole host of unrivalled features.   

Unified Management

Our system is the perfect PSIM tool for integration and aggregration of different security and automation systems command and control of incidents and handling. As soon as an event takes place it is geolocalised on the GIS mapping. Our system is open technology and can communicate permanently with open hardware and software systems.

Process Workflow and Incident Management 

Once an alert or alarm is seen and instantly displayed on the screens it is important to assist the operators by guiding them through the standard operating procedures for each security event. Our integration system provides the flexibility to follow the event through to the successful conclusion with on screen prompts as well as reports that the operator will type to record how the incident was dealth with. This is kept in our systems audit trail for future reference.

Open Architecture 

Our integration system is probably the most open architecture technology you will ever see. We now have a huge range of off the shelf proprietary system drivers as well as many open platform drivers that are used in building automation. Not just that, our software system will provide a free of charge SDK to manufacturers and development partners so they can also write a driver for our system.

Open architecture also means that skilled partners can customise our integration system even further with new drivers, new plug in modules or even a complete new brand identity.

Graphical Freedom 

You can import almost any graphical format into our integration system as well as use the free of charge graphic editor that we supply with every license. Not just that, any person with sufficient technical knowledge and an administrator level access to our systems server can customise the graphics and add icons into the system. So you aren't dependent on our integration system, partners or anyone for minor system changes. Of course, we are there to help if you prefer to outsource this.

First class partnerships and references 

Our system is a well know PSIM with excellent references and is widely distributed by a large number of partners. 

We work hard to be as open as possible and this means creating partnerships with manufacturers and support companies around the world.

Unbeatable Value Proposition 

We keep a very tight focus on cost and pass those savings onto the PSIM market. That is why our integration system is deployed at more projects than any other PSIM.

The Community 

Our systems integration software system is about an ever growing global community of sales, support and driver development companies that work together. 

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