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Pre-employment Screening

Pre-employment Screening

Make Hiring Easy with Quality Pre-Employment Screenings

Does the thought of hiring key personnel fill you with trepidation? It should. After all, how much can you really learn from a short job interview?

Certainly not enough to make an intelligent choice when filling key positions within your firm. AGG Investigation’s pre-employment screening and background checks let you stack the deck in your favour. Our thorough pre-employment screening and criminal and personal background checks give you the information you need to make an intelligent choice. While background checks are mandatory for key upper-level personnel, AGG Investigations helps you screen all employees, including those in the entry levels.

Our studies have shown that more than 25% of all resumes contain falsehoods, and 80% of all resumes mislead. Some falsehoods are minor, but we’ve found that many are in critical areas directly related to the candidate’s job performance. Is it worth the risk to hire without a pre-employment screening and background check? When you realise that a bad choice could seriously affect your firm’s reputation and possibly its future existence, we say no. The cost of a lawsuit, or of recruiting and retraining a new employee to replace an incompetent hire, easily surpasses the cost of years of pre-employment screening.

At AGG Investigations, we know that time spent in pre-employment screening is money, and it’s a luxury you can’t afford. That’s why we do all we can to get you the information you need in a timely and efficient manner.

AGG Investigation’s pre-employment screenings, and personal and criminal backgrounds checks, are completely customisable, which is a unique offering in this field. Most firms present you with a package of services, many of which you may not even need. AGG Investigations, on the other hand, views your pre-employment screening cases on an individual basis. We’ll speak with you, and find out the details of the hire so we can gear our pre-employment screening to cover the critical duties and responsibilities of each individual you hire. And, our searches aren’t limited by local parameters-we’ll search the globe to bring you the critical information you need.

We realise that pre-employment screening is a business necessity, and as such has become very competitive. AGG Investigations stands out from the crowd because we care. Not just about getting your business, but about keeping it as well. And to make sure that happens, we constantly monitor our services and provide each and every client with unsurpassed professionalism and quality in all we do.

Our pre-employment screenings can include verification of education and employment information, record of litigation, judgments and liens, motor vehicle reports, criminal record searches, credit reports, and uncovering other information imperative to your decision making process, but often omitted from a resume or job application.

Call AGG Investigations today. We’ll handle your pre-employment screening quickly and discreetly, and will be glad to provide thorough criminal background checks, and personal background checks as well. Isn’t your business worth it?