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Surveillance Operations

Surveillance Operations

Discreet Undercover Operations Get You the Evidence You Need

Successful litigation demands solid evidence, which is often uncovered during discreet undercover operations. Whether it’s a covert undercover operation with high-tech surveillance equipment or an elaborate undercover sting, your operation’s success relies expressly upon the investigators’ knowledge and experience.

At AGG Investigations, we have with over three decades of experience and a proven track record of hundreds of successful operations. Our undercover operators are swift and discreet, and they fully understand the intricacies of undercover operations. Using the most advanced surveillance equipment, the AGG Investigations team will deliver the evidence you need in a quick, cost effective manner.

If you or your employees have noticed questionable or suspicious behaviour, the undercover operations team at AGG Investigations will help you distinguish fact from theory by gathering information without attracting attention. We’ll customise your undercover operations investigation so you get only the services you need, whether it’s an old-fashioned stake-out to high-tech video surveillance using the latest in surveillance cameras and other surveillance equipment.

Our surveillance equipment is state-of-the-art, and includes body wires, transmitters, tracking systems, high-powered equipment with photo/video capabilities, and broadcast-quality hidden surveillance cameras. Using the most current technology lets us give you the necessary audio-visual documentation so you can see the true picture.

At AGG Investigations, our combination of intelligence, undercover operations experience and surveillance equipment technology allows us to offer you the most sophisticated and dependable investigation and surveillance services available. Give us a call today, and put the AGG Investigations team to work for you.